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We are one of the most innovative Business and Management Consulting Company in Lampung Province, Indonesia. Right now, we are appointed as Local Partner for Trans Sumatera Toll Road infrastructure Development. We do Market research and Feasibilty Study in Lampung Province for Developing Infrastructure along Trans Sumatera Toll Road. Our partner is subsidiary of Trans Sumatera Toll road owner. One of our objectives in supporting Trans Sumatera toll road, is successing WPS MBBPT ( Wilayah Pengembangan Strategis Merak – Bakauheni – Bandar Lampung – Palembang – Tanjung Api-api / Regional Strategic Development Merak – Bakauheni – Bandar Lampung – Palembang – Tanjung Api-api) Project, more precisely to develop Bandar Lampung Metropolitan.

WPS MBBPT (Merak - Bakauheni - Bandar Lampung - Palembang - Tanjung Api-Api) is a concept of regional development with aim to accelerate economic growth in the region with stressing on: Bakauheni – Palembang Toll Road as a backbone, Ministry of PUPR infrastructure integration Support on WPS area, and the ability of the infrastructure to be leverage growth in the region.

Bandar Lampung Metropolitan Area, would be composed of city of Bandar Lampung itself and other districts surrounding. Bandar Lampung Metropolitan is intended as center of trade and services area, Processing industrial area, and settlement center in Lampung province. The main concept of developing Bandar Lampung Metropolitan and its surrounding is by improvement of urban services and economic sectors driven. Metropolitan city in ideal concept is to unite several cities or regions physical, economic, social and cultural. The key point to succeed  this concept is the existence of hub (connecting) areas, could be green area, that are geographically located between the cities. 

Thus, the selection of regions which act as regional hub will be very strategic. In addition to its existence as a hub, the region is also expected to be important instrument in accelerating the economic growth of WPS MBBPT. As a hub, one key is successing in organizing and managing mode of transportation. Bus and train, for example, can play an important role in linking and "making closer" cities part of the metropolitan area which are: Bandar Lampung, Metro, Gedung Tataan in Pesawaran, Gunung Sugih in Central Lampung and South Lampung regency. Moreover, if the route is connected to the airport, then this are would play a role not only as hub link in the metropolitan area but also in the scale of regional, national, and even international.

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