PT AdWISE MITRA SOLUSI is one of Business and Management Consulting Company in Bandar Lampung, which was officially established based on Notarial Deed issued by Notary Tony Azhari, SH no. 06 date 14 September 2013 and endorsement of company's legal entity issued by Law and Human Rights Minister  Republic Indonesia no. AHU – 55648.AH.01.01 Tahun 2013 on November 01, 2013.

With mission to deliver solution for our partner's in business development by optimizing their own resources, we are ready to serve and accompany you - Mitra AdWISETM - both as an advisor and also as your partner.

Our services division which known as WISE SOLUTION CONSULTINGTM present to accompany our Mitra AdWISETM in order to create solutions for facing business challenge.

Our trading division deliver Plantation Management to serve you - Mitra AdWISETM  - who are interested in plantation sector, and distribute your harvest, to both  local and also foreign markets

We convince that our experiences could help you, mitra adwise to look for wise solution for your day to day business solution.

Our Projects:

  • Rural Plantations Cost of Production Analysis  at Lampung Province; 1999.
  • Rural industry of Cassava Flour (ITTARA - Industri Tepung tapioka Rakyat) Programme Evaluation at Lampung Province; 1999.
  • Feasibility Studies for Nucleus-Plasma Plantations Project for Coffee Plantations at Pulau Panggung districts, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung Province; 2000.
  • Evaluation of Desaku Maju Sakai Sambayan - Gerakan Kembali ke Desa (DMSS_GKD) Programme at Lampung Province in 2000.
  • Finance and Management Restructuring at PT DKU; Freight Forwarder; 2001.
  • Analysis of Original Income Potency Tulang Bawang Region; 2001.
  • Optimized Budget as Tools of Planning and Controlling; Case Study at PTPN 7 Business Unit of Way Berulu in 2001.
  • Finance and Management Consultancy for  PussBIK, one of Non Government Organization at Bandar Lampung, as USAID  Block Grant Mandatory; 2002.
  • Feasibility Studies of New Silo, jetty, and Mixing Plant Installation to  Increase Production Capacity; 2006.
  • Management Restructuring and Bad Debt Controlling Strategy for one of Rural Banking, Bandar Lampung; 2008.
  • Feasibility Studies for Electrical Power Plant using Biogas from Tapioca water waste at PT WKAP;2008.
  • Corporate Action Analysis at PT WKAP; 2009.
  • Feasilibility Studies for Cattle Breeding Projects to Anticipate Government Policies for Cattle and Buffalo Meats self-sufficiency in 2014; 2010.
  • Optimized of Use of Assets and Financed Strategy for Achieving Optimum Economic Value-added Ratio at  PT BSP Jambi 2 Business Units; 2011.
  • Re-branding project at GIKR Hotel in Bali, 2013.
  • Feasibility Studies for Rural Plantations Project for Sengon trees Plantations at Way Kanan Regency, Lampung Province; 2014.
  • Coconut derivatives development analysis, 2015.
  • Cinnamon Tea dan Ginger Vita production Partnership project; 2015.
  • Consultant and Local Partner of PT HK Realtindo  in project of Feasibility Study and Market Research for Developing Trans Sumatera Toll Road Infrastructure, 2016.